मनसा is a statically-typed, object-oriented programming language. It's programs are written in Devanagari script using Nepali language constructs. Write fluid and expressive programs in नेपाली.
System programming
नमस्ते नेपाल‍!
Want to try मनसा? It's easy. Just type in code in the code editor, then press the चलाउनुहोस button.

If you run the default program, it should display 'नमस्ते नेपाल'.
नेपाली टाइपीङ्ग

If you have a Nepali keyboard layout installed, then you should be able to type in Nepali normally.

Don't worry if you don't have a keyboard installed. Click on the en→ने button on the left.

यो टाइप गरीहेर्नुस

अङ्क क = १० ।
(क > ०) भएसम्म
  क = क - १।
  क*क लेख ।" " लेख ।

Then press the चलाउनुहोस button. Easy, right?


This is the end of our micro tutorial. But your journey has just begun.

You can now go and read the beginner's tutorials, or dive into the documentation.

If you're feeling particularly adventurous, head over to our github and help us out.